United Kingdom Tourist Visa

Apply for your UK Visitor Visa for United Kingdom

Information and necessary documents required for entry to UK for tourism purposes

The UK Tourist Visa allows visitors from the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman to enter the UK for periods of up to six months for tourism, business, studying, or medical treatment.

Technically, the UK Tourist Visa it is not a visa. It is an electronic visa waiver (EVW UK) which means that it can be obtained online, without the need to go to an UK visa application centre to apply for a conventional visa.

The online application for the Tourist eVisa for the UK is quick straightforward to complete. Applicants are required to answer a series of questions and enter information such as their name, date of birth, passport details, and travel plans.

Do I need a travel visa for the United Kingdom?

Visitors need a UK travel visa to enter the country unless they are from a visa-exempt country. There are various types of UK visas including the UK Tourist Visa.

Most types of UK visas require applicants to go to a UK visa application centre. The Tourist Visa for the UK allows citizens from eligible countries to apply online in a matter of minutes.

The eligible countries are the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman. It is necessary to have a valid passport from one of these four countries to apply for the UK Tourist Visa.

Tourist Visa Requirements to travel to the UK

Applicants need to meet a few requirements to successfully obtain a UK Tourist Visa. It is necessary to have a passport from one of the four eligible countries and a credit or debit card to pay the visa fee.

The UK Online travel visa application requires applicants to provide certain information. To apply you need to provide the address of where you will be staying and the details of your journey, such as the flight times.

Applicants should make sure that they answer all of the questions accurately to avoid complications. People from eligible countries can apply between three months and 48 hours before their trip.

Tourist Visa Requirements to travel to the UK

How can I get a UK online tourist visa?

Citizens from eligible countries can obtain a UK Tourist Visa by following a few simple steps. The entire application process takes a matter of minutes.

  • Complete the online application form.
  • Pay the fee using a credit or debit card.
  • Download and print the UK Tourist Visa.

Applicants need a valid passport to successfully apply. Each traveler, regardless of age, needs their own travel authorization.

Travel docs for the United Kingdom

All visitors need a passport to enter the United Kingdom. It is also necessary to have a UK visitor visa unless you are from a visa-exempt country.

If you are entering using a UK Tourist Visa it is necessary to print a copy of the eVisa to show to the border authorities along with your passport. After your application is approved you are sent a link which you can use to download and print the visa.

You cannot use a UK Tourist Visa to work in the UK, get married, or register a civil partnership. The eVisa is for tourism, business, studying, or medical treatment.